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Contents/ Winter 2006

Welcome to Insight
A letter from the Dean about research in the college.

Mapping the Mind and Brain
Insight into the minds and brains of people is necessary to understanding their behavior. SBS researchers examine how our brain physiology influences our actions.

Decoding Language and Information
Sharing information is the root of all progress in the human animal. But it is also the source of many conflicts. In SBS, we study language at many levels.

Preserving the Past
Studying the past is essential for understanding the present. As we move into research areas that require a large-scale perspective, we would have no solid framework for understanding these complicated issues without historical context.

Demystifying Organizational Control
Governments, courts, churches, the media - these large institutions have their own structure, communication and power over our culture. The relationship between individuals and these large groups is an intricate one, both dynamic and interactive.

Building Healthy Societies
Health issues in society are complicated, and they cannot be adequately addressed without the contributions of social scientists. SBS researchers examine the biological, psychological, behavioral, environmental and social origins of health problems in our society.

Exploring the Environment and Water
People interact with their environment. Climate, access to natural resources, and community infrastructure all have distinct influences on the quality of our life, health, economy and cultural practices.

Investigating International Issues
The growing interdependence among countries makes understanding international and cultural issues an essential research topic. At SBS, we are involved in analyzing complex international issues from a variety of perspectives.

College Data
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